Elements of Dreams is pixel art action role playing game. Play as a heroine who must discover four unique powers in order to defeat her nightmares and find her purpose.

Computer Controls:

  • Movement:  Arrow keys (or WASD)
  • Power:  Space bar 
  • Menus:  Left Mouse button


  • 13+ Levels
    • Venture through 13 increasingly difficult levels.
  • 4 Unique Abilities
    • Defeat your foes with 1 of 4 timed abilities.  Keep track of your power bar to figure out when you need to return to a statue to recharge.
  • 20+ Enemy Types
    • Each enemy has different attributes of speed, health, and damage.  Some even have special abilities.
  • 1 Boss
    • Defeat the World Boss to discover your purpose.
  • Infinite Lives
    • Lose all your hearts?  No worries, you have infinite lives.
  • Save Level Progression
    • Once you reach each level, it unlocks that level name in the Level Selection menu.  Use the Save Progress button in the menu to be able to pickup from the level you've gotten to in a later play of the game.
  • Procedural level generation
    • Replay (or reload) the 2nd to last level to have it generate in a different configuration with a different combination of enemies.
  • Replay any level:
    • Use the Level Selection menu to replay any level that you've been to.
  • Speed Run:


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